New Location

In January 2018, Fitness Inc. will open its doors at its new location at 201 Industrial Rd F. The new, two-story facility will be 12,500 square feet, 3,800 square feet larger than its previous space.

“After spending 15 years at our Tamarack Centre Mall location, we knew it was time for a change,” Owner, Trevor says. “The new facility is in a more convenient location for many of our members, and includes more amenities and added brand-new equipment.”

The facility includes a 1,200 square foot Group X room, 800 square foot Ladies-only section and a 3,800 square foot weight lifting area with added brand new equipment. It also includes a spinning-only room, cardio section with vaulted ceilings and a larger child-minding room all with numerous windows.

In spring 2018, Fitness Inc. will add an outdoor group x area, and later an outdoor free weight section and patio for the existing smoothie bar.

Windows are a focal point in construction of the new facility, and members will be able to work out with superb mountain views! They will be able to watch the sunrise during an early morning spin class, enjoy the daytime views of the mountains as they run on a treadmill or watch the sunset glow on the mountains as they enjoy their evening workout lifting weights.

Fitness Inc.’s new building will be located close to a bus stop, which is something that was promised to its members, and plenty of parking will be available.

Fitness Inc. would like to thank their members for supporting them for the last 15 years. “We are excited to share the future with all of our current members and all of our future new members.”

Some photos of the new building site: