Covid-19 New Gym Protocol





We will do our best to continue to adjust these rules as advised by our local health officials! Thank you for your understanding. LAST UPDATES Jan 10th


Hello Fitness Inc Family,

With the rules and guidance of Interior Health and Work Safe BC, surrounding Covid-19, we have diligently made sure the facility is safe, functional, and clean.

To remain open both employees and members will need to follow these new rules that have been put in place for gyms and fitness centers. Please be respectful of these rules for yours and everyone’s safety. Please see the rules below.

1) Hours of operation
We can be open for regular hours.
2) Limited occupancy and workout times
The number of members allowed in the facility at one time will be 75. Each member will be allowed to workout for a duration of 60 minutes.(Updated Jan)
As a result of this members must now sign in AND out of the club. Hand sanitizer must be used upon signing in and out of the club.
3) Posted signs
You will see new signs that are placed around the club. These signs are at the entrance to
notify patrons that they should not enter if they have symptoms of COVID-19 and at the front desk to remind members to sign in/sign out and hand sanitize each time. Other signs throughout the club make members aware of the physical distancing requirements, enhanced sanitation procedures (including reminders for members to wipe equipment before and after each use), and any other instructions and limitations, as applicable.
4) Screen arriving patrons
Staff will be asking members checking in the following question:
Do you have any of the following symptoms: coughing, fever, sore throat, or difficulty breathing?
Any member who answers yes to the question above will not be permitted to enter. Anyone who has the symptoms of COVID-19 is recommended to call go straight home and consult the self-assessment app BC COVID 19, or contact 8-1-1 for further guidance related to testing and self-isolation. If a member is severely sick (e.g. difficulty breathing, chest pain etc.), the club will phone 9-1-1.
5) Require staff to self-monitor for symptoms of COVID-19
Staff experiencing symptoms of the illness (a fever, cough, or difficulty breathing) will be told to stay home and self isolate.
6) Payment at the front desk
If possible do not bring cash for payment of services or products. When possible please pay with the tap option on your debit or credit card. If the purchase is over the tap limit you will have to pay with the pin option of your debit or credit card. Depending on your membership type you may also use the on-account option.
The debit machine and any pens used will be sanitized after each use.
7) Hand sanitizing and hand washing
There will be multiple hand sanitizing stations throughout the club. As well please remember you can go to the locker rooms and wash your hands with the anti-bacterial soap. As always please wash your hands after using the washroom or blowing your nose.
8) Appropriate disinfectants
Our disinfectants used in the spray stations and the cleaning solution the staff use meet the standards put in place by Health Canada and the EPA.
9) Equipment cleaning stations (UPDATED: September 14) With the approval from Interior Health, we will be transitioning back to cloth, we have implemented in an enhanced cloth changing protocol with staff that includes time/initials.

10) Proper equipment spacing
You will now see that the cardio has been spaced out to allow for the proper social distancing. Where there has not been enough space, we have put a do not use sign on the cardio machine.
11) Encourage physical distancing and discourage congregating
Members should conduct their workout and exit the facility without unnecessary delay. Equipment should not be shared or used simultaneously (e.g. working in sets).
12) Group X classes
Low Intensity Group X classes will be limited to a number that will allow for the proper social distancing. They will also be scheduled to allow staff adequate time to disinfect equipment and surfaces before each class.
13) UPDATED: September 14th Steam rooms, showers, and the daycare are now available.
14) Limit locker room use
Please limit your time in the locker room and practice the proper social distancing.
15) UPDATED: September 14th Towel service is now available! 
16) Enhanced cleaning
You will see the staff doing extra cleaning using the approved cleaning solutions. bleach will be added to the cleaning solution.
17) Dumbbell Area
The benches in the dumbbell area have been strategically placed to allow for the proper social distancing. Please do not move the benches from their designated marks.


If they gym has to close, monthly billed members won’t be billed during closed months, and paid in full members memberships will be adjusted (ahead) according to months closed. Also punch cards will be extended!

For all short-term memberships and training contracts, the end dates will be adjusted for any time that was remaining before we closed.
All punch cards will be extended for two months.

Wow … that’s a lot and somewhat overwhelming. The key takeaway should be that we miss you and we are doing everything possible to create the most supportive, respectful, and healthy fitness community for you to return to!
These procedures are non-negotiable as they exist for everybody’s protection, including your own.
Cheers – stay healthy, well and positive!!