Nutrition Services

Kelsey Beamish


Kelsey is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) and Certified Personal TrainingSpecialist.Her passion is for helping others improve their health and 

supporting their goals to feel good on the inside, and the outside. Resistance training, functional strength, and mobility are a particular interest to Kelsey. With a love of running, including 28 half-marathons, 4 marathons and a multitude of other distances, Kelsey is also studying to become a certified Running Coach and Marathon Running Coach. For an inclusive and individualized approach to nutrition, fitness and overall health. For incredible insights make sure to follow!


Nutrition Services

Meet n Greet – Free

Unsure if holistic nutrition is the right path for you? This 30 minute consultation allows you and I to discuss your main concerns and health goals, and how I can help you on your path towards optimal health.

1 Hr Appointment – $80

In this session, we will do a full assessment with discussion of your symptoms and concerns, goals, current diet, and lifestyle habits. You will receive feedback and insight as how to enhance your health using whole foods, supplements, and simple lifestyle changes. You will leave with the groundwork to kick off your journey to optimal health!

Follow-Up Appointment (45 mins) – $65

Follow-ups allow for continued support, accountability, and for adjustments to be made to your plan. We will talk about what’s working, what’s not working, and what our next steps are towards achieving your nutritional goals.

Flexible Meal Plan – $70

A flexible meal plan provides you with new, healthy ideas in a “mix n match” or “build your own meal” layout which is customized to you, your goals and personal health needs.

This is a great place to start your health and nutrition journey.

It acts as a guideline with flexible options so you don’t get bored; helping you to get into the habit of preparing and consuming wholesome foods throughout the day and week, without having to think of what to eat.

Macronutrient (Macro) Planning – $70

Tracking and manipulating macronutrients (carbs, fats, proteins) can be an effective way to manage weight, increase athletic performance and change body composition. In this appointment, you will learn about these macronutrients and be given a custom plan based on your goals and needs.

Structured Meal Plan – $80

A structured meal plan consists of a 5, 6 or 7 day plan with meals customized to you, your goals and your food preferences.

If you’re looking for someone to tell you what to eat, this is your plan! It takes all the guess work out of the process.

5 and 6 day plans are designed to allow you a relax/cheat day.

Body Composition & Personalized Nutrition Plan – $110

Find out your body composition (fat mass, muscle mass, water weight) and receive a nutrition plan (macro, flexible meal plan or structured meal plan) to help get you to your goals.

Personalized Nutrition Package

This package includes:

  • 60 minute get started meeting
  • Weekly check-ins for accountability, progress and adjustments
  • Ongoing support through text, phone or email
  • Custom macro and/or flexible meal planning with recipe suggestions, serving sizes and eating out tips
  • Access to nutrition guides, tools & recipe

​ 1 month    $220

2 months    $410

3 months    $590