Lean Mean Body Challenge

2018 Lean and Mean Body Challenge presented by Fitness Inc
We did it once & had a blast so now we’ve decided we’re coming back at you with a new and improved body challenge! The results we saw over 30 days were absolutely incredible, weight loss of +10lbs, -5% decreases in overall body fat, +5 inches lost and much more! So, we talked it over & decided because we had so much fun the first go around why not extend it to 60 days and see what we can accomplish!

  • Participants will have the chance to be part of our 60 day challenge instructed by Fitness Inc. trainers Kali and Desiree, running April 2 nd – June 3 rd
  •  There will be two scheduled group workouts per week with one of the two trainers (morning or evening) that participants can choose to attend. Over the course of the event that’s 16 sessions!!
  • There will be an online group that all members will be added to where they will have access to weekly workout plans to follow, nutrition & lifestyle tips, recipe sharing, trainer help & advice etc…..
  • We found that accountability was huge for people in the last challenge, so we’ve upped the intensity this time. We will have a large board posted within Fitness Inc. with all participant names recorded where weekly, they will receive points for daily personal workouts and attending group workouts & Group-X classes. At the end of the challenge these points will be factored in with the final body results to determine winners. However, adopting a healthy lifestyle & choosing to do something for yourself is a win in our books!
  •  Same as last time, participants will have the opportunity to receive complete body measurements and scans before and after to help track progress.
  • Now for the question that’s burning a hole in everyone’s brain currently…… How much does it cost???

We here at Fitness Inc. would like to create an opportunity for as many people as possible to learn the joys of being active

Non-members: $300    Members: $250

This price includes access to the 60 day challenge online group, 16 training sessions w/ one of our highly qualified trainers, the chance to win numerous weekly prizes & 1 of 3 Grand Prizes, before and after body scans, wrap up dinner and more!!!! If you’re a non-member then it also includes full access to the new facility for 2 months! Contact the front desk today with any other questions & to sign up today!!