Rules & Regulations

  • Must be 19 or over to sign for yourself. Otherwise parent or guardian signature required.
  • Membership Identification card required for entrance to the club. Punch card, purchase of day/week pass also accepted.
  • Proper gym attire required at all times.
  • No jeans, sandals or thongs. Abide by the dress code.
  • Proper workout footwear, closed toe CLEAN gym specific shoes, must be worn at all times on the gym floor.
  • Member stipulates he/she is medically sound to work out.
  • It is illegal to permit anyone under the age of 18 to use UV tanning equipment without a prescription in our facility.

Basic Gym Etiquette

  • Weights and equipment must be returned to proper location after use
  • MUST have CLEAN/indoor shoes
  • MUST wipe down all equipment after use of equipment. Abuse of upholstery of equipment is not tolerated
  • Only water on gym floor, no food or drink
  • NO Chalk
  • NO dropping of weights
  • Absolutely NO grunting, NO rude/foul language.
  • Be courteous and let your fellow gym goer work in with your sets
  • Respect staff, club and fellow patrons