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Our beautiful new facility is the largest gym in the Cranbrook area with 12,500 sq ft. Which is complete with an amazing team of certified Personal Trainers, a Nutritionist, a protein smoothie bar, a Women-Only area, complimentary Group X classes, onsite child care, stand up tanning booth, spin room, weight training, multi-use change rooms with steam rooms, and towel & locker service. The Fitness Inc family continues to grow and we are honored to provide a fun, safe atmosphere to our community!

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Fitness Inc.’s Strongman Classic 2022 is back June 18th during Sam Steele Days!

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total ratings: 94

average: 4.6

Chris Y- 5

(Out of 5 gyms ive been to in different cities) this is the first gym that I actually enjoyed going to. Kind and friendly staff, clean and good atmosphere, excellent equipments. Thank you guys

J El Asmar- 1

This gym is managed by unethical team. I have enrolled March 2020 for 1 year. Around December 2020 I moved away. Before moving I informed them that I will not use the membership again as Iam not in town. They kept charging me after March 2021 for over a year. Called them 5 times to cancel but it never happened and they kept charging me. Now it's April 2022 and they still charge me. After I put a stop payment from my bank on them. They called to threat me that they will send it to collections for

Sean- 5

This gym is seriously my new favorite gym, hands down!! excellent, original hammer strength equipment it's cleaned constantly, the vibe is unreal and everyone is there to do work...staring at mountains in between sets helps too. I've trained all over north America during my time competing and this place stands head and shoulders above the rest, hands down.