Personal Trainers

Fitness Inc’s elite personal training team is here to assist you in reaching your fitness goals the right way. We are ready to help with everything health and fitness, including; injury rehabilitation, sports performance, weight loss, and even nutrition. From pre-designed and personalized programs to 1-on-1 in-person sessions, our team is ready to take you to the next level! With our line-up of training options, it’s never been easier to get the results you desire. Contact the gym today to book in with one of our experts and let’s discover what’s possible!

Our Team

Desiree Hoffart

Hey everyone, I’m Desiree!

Ever since I can remember I have been involved with health and fitness, from competitive dance & various sports to being an adrenaline junkie on my snowmobile in the backcountry. I am a determined and motivated individual who puts 100% into whatever I do, and I like to train my clients the same way!

I am all about pushing people out of their comfort zone and showing you what your bodies are truly capable of. Being a multi-sport athlete and suffering from my fair share of related injuries created a passion within to learn more about Sports medicine and rehabilitation.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a high-energy trainer to give you that extra push to reach the next level or looking to return to activity following an injury or medical limitation, I will be with you every step of the way! What are you waiting for? Set up a consultation with me today and let’s get started.



Diploma in Exercise Science (College of the Rockies)
Diploma in Personal Training and Instruction (College of the Rockies)
CSEP Certified Personal Trainer (Gold Standard)
SportMed Sports First Aid
Canadian Red Cross Emergency First Aid CPR/AED Level A


Heidi Harris

My passion is health. I have had over a decade of experience in fitness education, and nutrition. I’ve instructed numerous clients, owned a successful weight loss clinic, competed and placed in NPAA and UFE, Masters Fitness Model. Most importantly, I have taught and instilled the love of strength training with my six children.

I desire to help you reach your fitness goals. I will provide you with knowledge, tools, and support to achieve success.


Weight Trainer Instructor National Certification, CFES
Group Fitness Instructor, BCRPA, NFLA, SPRA,
BSc of Education, BYU


Tamara Stiles

I have been working in the fitness industry for nearly 20 years. I am currently certified through the International Sports Science Association. With my extensive knowledge and up-to-date training, I will provide you with the guidance you need in reaching your goals. Fitness can be confusing. When you train with me I will provide you with a clear plan to help you get to where you need to be. You will be held accountable, each session will count, and we will have FUN while doing it. If you are training for a sport, working on overall health and wellness, or just looking to build confidence in the gym, hiring a trainer is a wise and meaningful investment. I look forward to training with you!


Personal Trainer Certification (Issa)
First aid / CPR
Schwinn certified 12/16/17
Sports Nutrition Specialist Certificate (Issa)



(Free orientation/ Start up program for new members)

Meet & Greet


Personalized programs

$100.00 + tax = $105.00

Fitness Assessment

(30 mins) $45.00 + tax = $47.25

Body composition

(30 mins) $50.00 + tax = $52.50

Fitness assessment & Body composition

(60 mins) $80.00 + tax = $84.00

Orientation/start up program

(45- 60 mins) $60.00 + tax = $63.00

Mobility Assessment

(30 mins) $50 + tax = $52.50

Mobility Assessment & Personalized Performance Programming

(30 mins + program) $100 + tax = $105


4 weeks

(1 session/wk) $259.00 + tax = $271.95

4 weeks

(2 sessions/wk) $496.00 + tax = $520.80

4 weeks

(3 sessions/wk) = $711 + tax

8 weeks

(1 session/wk) $452.00 + tax = $474.60

8 weeks

(2 sessions/wk) $860.00 + tax = $903.00

8 weeks

(3 sessions/wk) = $1224 + tax

12 weeks

(1 session/wk) $599.00 + tax = $628.99

12 weeks

(2 sessions/wk) $999.00 + tax = $1,048.96

Personal Training + Nutrition packages



4 weeks
2 training sessions per week (8 total)
Basic meal plan




4 weeks
2 training sessions per week (8 total),
Meal/macro plan w/ weekly check-ins
or accountability




4 weeks,
3 sessions per week (12 total),
Customized nutrition plan w/
weekly check-ins or accountability