Strongman 2019

The Strongman Classic is back in Cranbrook, British Columbia for its 16th year BIGGER and BETTER than ever!!! Witness amazing feats of strength like the Atlas Stones, Tire Flips and Truck Pulls with Sportsnet on-site to capture all the action!!! Come join us for this family fun event on June 15th at 11:45 am on 17th avenue north beside Western Financial Place during Sam Steele Days weekend. A HUGE thank you goes out to all the amazing sponsors and the community that make this event so special.

Stay tuned to our facebook page for all the Strongman Classic details like athlete announcements, event updates and more!!

The Strongman Classic is proudly powered by Fitness INC – Destination British Columbia – Reflex Supplements



Atlas Stones

Conan’s Wheel

Crowd Team

Husafell Stone

Men’s Medley

Men’s Press

Super Yolk

Truck Pull

Women’s Keg Press

Women’s Farmer’s Walk


  1. Harness Truck Pull – 42,000 KG 90 second time limit.
  2. Conan’s Wheel: 400 – 500 pounds. No time limit.
  3. Pressing Event (175 pound Metal Log 5 times, 150 Pound Keg 3 times, and 100 pound Circus Dumbbell as many times in the allotted time.). 90 second time limit.
  4. Super Yoke 100’. 600 pounds. 90 second time limit.
  5. Atlas Stones: 200, 250, 260, 300 and 365. Fastest time wins. 90 seconds
  6. Medley: 500 pound Tire Flip for 50 feet, 200 lb/hand Farmers walk for 100 feet and Power stairs 250 from ground 300 from 1st step 350 from 2nd step. Two minute time limit.


  1. Harness Truck Pull – 21,000 KG. 90 second time limit.
  2. Keg Press – 100 pounds. 90 second time limit.
  3. Husafell for distance – 175 pounds. No time limit.
  4. Atlas Stones – weights TBD. 90 second time limit.
  5. Medley: Farmers walk – 125 lb/hand for 100 feet. & 50 foot sandbag load – 125 and 150 pounds. Two minute time limit.

History of the Strongman Classic

As with many things, what began as a small idea has grown into a big deal.

Fitness Inc.’s Strongman Classic, held annually during Sam Steele Days every June, started in 2004 with a fleeting idea and a lot of heart… then came the help of two strong men.

Grant McReynolds and Cory Gillespie were competitors in other Strongman events across the country and internationally. They responded to the need for official judges for Cranbrook’s event and in doing so, shared their knowledge, allowing Fitness Inc. to host their first annual amateur competition in 2005, complete with the ever-popular semi-truck pull.

Today, the Strongman Classic is a cornerstone of Sam Steele Days, with competitors and spectators alike enjoying the day while taking part in an exciting show. The Strongman Classic is also a fundraiser, always in support of Cranbrook’s chapter of the BCSPCA; major sponsors like Aaron’s, Trickle Creek Golf Resort, Mountain Spirit Resort and Happy Duck Sprinkler Systems are huge contributors to the event, donating the raffle prizes. Between the support of these local businesses and the community, Fitness Inc. has been overjoyed to donate more than $27,000 to the BCSPCA in the last eight years.

Fitness Inc. extends gratitude and thanks to all the people involved in the event, from the sponsors to the competitors, from the volunteers to the spectators. Such an endevour is only possible through the support and hard work of those committed to putting on and improving the Strongman Classic!


Fitness Inc.’s Strongman Classic is held on the Saturday of Sam Steele Days, always the third weekend in June.

Every year registration starts mid October and is open until December 1. A registration reminder is posted on social media a week prior to the process starting.


Everything we do is via email and time stamped. So please pay attention to your emails! In 2018 the male division was full in less than 48 hours and the female division was full in less than a week!

There are sixteen spots available for male athletes. The top five male athletes from the 2018 show are guaranteed a spot for the 2019 show. The remaining eleven spots are filled by order of interest.

There are eight spots available for female athletes. The top three female athletes from the 2018 show are guaranteed a spot for the 2019 show. The remaining five spots are filled by order of interest.

As you are aware, the Strongman Classic continues to grow in popularity every year. For this reason we are now doing a deposit system, which when paid, will register you and reserve your spot in the 2019 Strongman Classic. Registration will be on a first come first serve basis.  After all available spots are full, athletes will be placed on the reserve list. If an athlete from the reserve list fills an available spot, they will have to pay the deposit to reserve their spot.

The $60.00 deposit can be paid via e-Transfer any time of the day or night, please use our email to e-Transfer, OR by phoning Trevor/Tyler Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm and paying with a credit card. The $60 deposit is then put towards the total registration fee.

The deposit will be non-refundable. The deposit will be refunded ONLY if an athlete becomes injured.  A doctor’s note must be provided in order for the money to be refunded.

If an athlete drops out their deposit money will be kept and divided up in the following manner: $20 to an athlete prize purse, $20 to the SPCA and $20 to the Strongman Classic.

If anyone has any questions please let us know.

MC : Allison Lockhart

– Dual Pro Athlete (strongwoman & powerlifting)
– 3x Canada’s Strongest Woman
– Currently ranked 6th strongest middleweight in the world
– Best lifts (powerlifting) are; 556 squat, 347 bench, 507 deadlift; best total is 1405lb @ 181
– Sponsored by Norse Fitness

Strongman 2018 Contestants:

1. Anthony Speranza Bio

Hello my name is Anthony Speranza and this is my second year competing in strong man. I switched to strongman from powerlifting after my good friend and mentor Professional Strongman James Loach signed me up for my first novice show in December 2016. I have loved it ever since. I have come a long way since the beginning and have recently won Calgary’s strongest mans in the U105kg division.
Outside of strongman I enjoy working with youth. I am currently working as a school support counsellor for Woods Homes. In September I will be going back to university to hopefully become a teacher!
I am looking forward to competing in Cranbrook for my second year and will hopefully put on an excellent show!

Weight: 198 pounds
Height: 5’ 11 “
Age: 26
From: Calgary, Alberta

2. Nathan Donahue Bio

Commercial realtor out of Calgary and professionally good looking. 2017 YYC Fit Expo first place in light weights. Alberta’s Strongest Man 2011, 2013, 2017 second place light/heavy weight. 2017 Calgary’s strongest man second place light/heavy weight. Nathan has the strongest hair in the west and is a husband to his beautiful wife and a father of two amazing girls!

Weight: 220 pounds
Height: 6’
Age: 38
From: Calgary, Alberta

3. Declan Patton Bio

Originally from Australia, Declan is a doctor currently working in the US. He recently set the New
York state record for the atlas stones in the 242 lb class. Declan is looking to improve on his 3rd
place finish in last year’s competition.

Weight: 225 pounds
Height: 6’ 1“
Age: 33
From: New Port Beach NSW, Australia

4. Josh Cloherty Bio

I am a 32 year old welder from Calgary, Alberta. I like to pick things up and put them down and my favourite color is pizza.

Weight: 276 pounds
Height: 5’ 11 “
Age: 32
From: Calgary, Alberta

5. Kelly Risdon Bio

Kelly would like to wish all of the other athlete’s good luck today. Kelly works at one of the local coal mines in Sparwood BC.

Weight: I don’t weigh enough.
Height: I am an average height.
Age: I am old.
From: Calgary, Alberta

6. Adam Moore Bio

This is my 11th year competing and as always I’m glad to be back! Thanks for Trevor and his team for putting on such a great event and good luck to all the competitors. Adam works for his dad Gary, who has also competed with us, at the family flooring store.
Weight: 230 pounds
Height: 6’ 2 “
Age: 31
From: Calgary, Alberta

7. Neil Fajnor Bio

Married, father to four wonderful kids, Heavy Duty Mechanic from Southern Alberta. Short and simple

Weight: 270 pounds
Height: 6’ 3 “
Age: 30
From: Claresholm, Alberta

8. Ben Maki Bio

He’s from Cranbrook, BC everybody look and see! He’s no slacky, welcome Ben Maki! Ben is an iron worker.

Weight: 199 pounds
Height: 5’ 10“
Age: 32
From: Cranbrook

9. Everett Frater Bio

I am an avid, enthusiastic individual who love physical fitness. I own and run a small lawn maintenance, landscaping business in Invermere, BC. Loves the mountains and nature as well as the challenges of owning a small business and competing. I look forward to this event.

Weight: 205 pounds
Height: 5’ 11 “
Age: 40
From: Invermere, BC

10. Jeremy Reay Bio

Competing for about 7 years. I love the sport and all involved. I hope to continue competing for a long time and get to an international competition.

Weight: 228 pounds
Height: 5’ 10“
Age: 37
From: Sherwood Park, Alberta

11. William Murray Bio

Will Murray, not related to Bill Murray. Twice as funny and half as handsome. Here to proof stereo types wrong. Small guys can lift. Will currently works for us at Fitness Inc. Last year he completed the 300 pound atlas stone, which was twice his weight back then!

Weight: 165 pounds
Height: 5’ 10“
Age: 25
From: Cranbrook

12. Adam Mackinnon Bio

Adam would like to thank all of his friends and family that came out today to support him. Adam likes to fishing, hiking and paddle boarding on his spare time. He works at Lordco, a local automotive parts supply company. He was one of the winners of our Behind the Ropes contest last year and decided to enter the 2018 show.

Weight: 229 pounds
Height: 6’
Age: 28
From: Cranbrook

13. Ryan Chicoine Bio

His friends call him Ryno. His hobbies include eating and lifting heavy weights. Ryan just completed his fourth year of school for plumbing.

Weight: 320 pounds
Height: 6’ 2“
Age: 30
From: Cranbrook

14. Keith Rathwell Bio

I have been training for 32 years. I’ve competed in 15 strongman competitions. This is my 11th year competing in Cranbrook. My favorite event is the log.

Weight: 240 pounds
Height: 6’
Age: 50
From: Delacour, Alberta

15. Bryan Fennell Bio

My name is Bryan Fennell and this is my first, but hopefully not last, strongman contest. I have been interested in strength athletics for a long time and now I get to try it out.

Weight: 256 pounds
Height: 6’ 1 ¾ “
Age: 46
From: Cranbrook

16. Dustin Atti Bio

This is Dustin’s first strongman event. He has recently finished his undergrad at UVic and has recently moved back to Cranbrook. He trains at Fisher Peak Fitness and Core Fitness.

Weight: 210 pounds
Height: 5’ 9“
Age: 24
From: Cranbrook

1. Alanna Gibson Bio

Besides sharing a birthday with Pac Man I don’t have anything fun and exciting to write. I’m a Mom which makes me a glorified taxi driver with a job on the side! Alanna works for the Canada Border Services.

Weight: None ya business.
Height: As tall as your beer fridge.
Age: As old as a DeLorean (back to the future for those of you too young)
From: Cranbrook

2. Katia Fajnor Bio

I am a nurse at the Taber hospital and am the mom to an amazing little boy named Hunter. My hubby Shawn is a sheep shearer. I have been powerlifting for three years.

Weight: 235 pounds
Height: 5’ 3 “
Age: 40
From: Taber, Alberta

3. Amy Boyd Bio

Grew up on a farm, outside of Arrowwood Alberta. Grew up playing sports, mostly rugby and football. I really enjoyed playing contact sports. Once I was done high school, I moved to Lethbridge. Found Crossfit 6 years ago and haven’t looked back. I compete in crossfit and coach at Crossfit Framework while adding some strongman stuff in. After competing in my first Strongman comp. last year, I have added yolk carries, farmer carries, sandbag stuff into my training. I love changing things up and I think it brings out my farm girl instincts. Im really excited to come back and compete again this year, I had a blast last year.

Weight: 145 pounds
Height: 5’ 5“
Age: 27
From: Lethbridge, Alberta

4. Samantha Husak Bio

Full time nursing student who left the world of bodybuilding to pursue her passion of strength sports in 2017.

Weight: 148 pounds
Height: 5’ 4“
Age: 33
From: Calgary, Alberta

5. Melanie Guppy Bio

This will be my second Strongman event and I’m excited to represent the “old dirt crowd”. Thanks to everyone for coming out and good luck to all the competitors.

Weight: 195 pounds
Height: 5’ 4“
Age: 46
From: Canal Flats, British Columbia

6. Audrey Peterson Bio

Director of first impressions and an expert at high fives. My passions include family and friends and lifting heavy things. I volunteer with the Special Olympics in power lifting. I enjoy promoting positivity thru personal and community growth.

Weight: 220 pounds
Height: 5’ 6“
Age: Guess
From: Chestermere, Alberta

7. Amanda Ferrier Bio

Amanda is a Mom of two and is from Cranbrook. This is her second year competing in the Strongman Classic.

Weight: ??
Height: 5’ 6“
Age: 37
From: Cranbrook

8. Rebecca Odnokon Bio

I’m excited to be back for my second Strongman event and I hope everyone has fun and does well.
Rebecca drives a rock truck for a contractor at one of the local coal mines in Sparwood, BC.

Weight: 170 pounds
Height: 5’ 2“
Age: 21
From: Cranbrook

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