Strongman 2019

The Strongman Classic is back in Cranbrook, British Columbia for its 16th year BIGGER and BETTER than ever!!! Witness amazing feats of strength like the Atlas Stones, Tire Flips and Truck Pulls with Sportsnet on-site to capture all the action!!! Come join us for this family fun event on June 15th at 11:45 am on 17th avenue north beside Western Financial Place during Sam Steele Days weekend. A HUGE thank you goes out to all the amazing sponsors and the community that make this event so special.

Stay tuned to our facebook page for all the Strongman Classic details like athlete announcements, event updates and more!!

The Strongman Classic is proudly powered by Fitness INC – Destination British Columbia – Reflex Supplements



Atlas Stones

Conan’s Wheel

Crowd Team

Husafell Stone

Men’s Medley

Men’s Press

Super Yolk

Truck Pull

Women’s Keg Press

Women’s Farmer’s Walk


  1. Harness Truck Pull – 42,000 KG 90 second time limit.
  2. Conan’s Wheel: 400 – 500 pounds. No time limit.
  3. Pressing Event (175 pound Metal Log 5 times, 150 Pound Keg 3 times, and 100 pound Circus Dumbbell as many times in the allotted time.). 90 second time limit.
  4. Super Yoke 100’. 600 pounds. 90 second time limit.
  5. Atlas Stones: 200, 250, 260, 300 and 365. Fastest time wins. 90 seconds
  6. Medley: 500 pound Tire Flip for 50 feet, 200 lb/hand Farmers walk for 100 feet and Power stairs 250 from ground 300 from 1st step 350 from 2nd step. Two minute time limit.


  1. Harness Truck Pull – 21,000 KG. 90 second time limit.
  2. Keg Press – 100 pounds. 90 second time limit.
  3. Husafell for distance – 175 pounds. No time limit.
  4. Atlas Stones – weights TBD. 90 second time limit.
  5. Medley: Farmers walk – 125 lb/hand for 100 feet. & 50 foot sandbag load – 125 and 150 pounds. Two minute time limit.

History of the Strongman Classic

As with many things, what began as a small idea has grown into a big deal.

Fitness Inc.’s Strongman Classic, held annually during Sam Steele Days every June, started in 2004 with a fleeting idea and a lot of heart… then came the help of two strong men.

Grant McReynolds and Cory Gillespie were competitors in other Strongman events across the country and internationally. They responded to the need for official judges for Cranbrook’s event and in doing so, shared their knowledge, allowing Fitness Inc. to host their first annual amateur competition in 2005, complete with the ever-popular semi-truck pull.

Today, the Strongman Classic is a cornerstone of Sam Steele Days, with competitors and spectators alike enjoying the day while taking part in an exciting show. The Strongman Classic is also a fundraiser, always in support of Cranbrook’s chapter of the BCSPCA; major sponsors like Aaron’s, Trickle Creek Golf Resort, Mountain Spirit Resort and Happy Duck Sprinkler Systems are huge contributors to the event, donating the raffle prizes. Between the support of these local businesses and the community, Fitness Inc. has been overjoyed to donate more than $27,000 to the BCSPCA in the last eight years.

Fitness Inc. extends gratitude and thanks to all the people involved in the event, from the sponsors to the competitors, from the volunteers to the spectators. Such an endevour is only possible through the support and hard work of those committed to putting on and improving the Strongman Classic!


Fitness Inc.’s Strongman Classic is held on the Saturday of Sam Steele Days, always the third weekend in June.

Every year registration starts mid October and is open until December 1. A registration reminder is posted on social media a week prior to the process starting.


Everything we do is via email and time stamped. So please pay attention to your emails! In 2018 the male division was full in less than 48 hours and the female division was full in less than a week!

There are sixteen spots available for male athletes. The top five male athletes from the 2018 show are guaranteed a spot for the 2019 show. The remaining eleven spots are filled by order of interest.

There are eight spots available for female athletes. The top three female athletes from the 2018 show are guaranteed a spot for the 2019 show. The remaining five spots are filled by order of interest.

As you are aware, the Strongman Classic continues to grow in popularity every year. For this reason we are now doing a deposit system, which when paid, will register you and reserve your spot in the 2019 Strongman Classic. Registration will be on a first come first serve basis.  After all available spots are full, athletes will be placed on the reserve list. If an athlete from the reserve list fills an available spot, they will have to pay the deposit to reserve their spot.

The $60.00 deposit can be paid via e-Transfer any time of the day or night, please use our email to e-Transfer, OR by phoning Trevor/Tyler Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm and paying with a credit card. The $60 deposit is then put towards the total registration fee.

The deposit will be non-refundable. The deposit will be refunded ONLY if an athlete becomes injured.  A doctor’s note must be provided in order for the money to be refunded.

If an athlete drops out their deposit money will be kept and divided up in the following manner: $20 to an athlete prize purse, $20 to the SPCA and $20 to the Strongman Classic.

If anyone has any questions please let us know.

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